who we are

Deranged means outside of the range of the norm. Deranged looks unusual, scary, not normal. ”There’s a thin line between being a genius and insane,” you’ve heard, because genius is different, and how do you know if it is different good or different bad? We’re not means geniuses, but we’re pretty different.

We take some pretty intense knowledge of systems (of the human and the technological kind) and apply it to our work. If you work with us, you’ve got to be on board with doing things differently.

Niels Roesen Abildgaard

Niels made a deranged thing this one time, and maybe it became something.

Niels has been drifting between various startups in the Copenhagen area, touching on micropayments, blogging, scheduling, telecommunications and more. Startups are all very different. But maybe there is a different kind of different to be found.

Niels likes to spend his time trying to understand cryptography, and mostly just build stuff that works and helps people.

Anders Lysgaard Enghøj

Anders doesn't like it when things are in the way of getting shit done.

Anders has worked in various upstarts in Copenhagen, entering the scene as a designer but slowly realizing that all distinctions are made up and maybe useless. He has worked with second hand clothes stores and micropayments and blogging, as an employee or as a freelancer. There is beauty in pixels but if the pixels don't make a difference they're not worth much.

In his spare time, Anders maintains a site that tells the Danish populace if they have new fighter jets yet. So far, the answer has been no.

Asbjørn Thegler

Asbjørn likes the outdoors and some programming languages. Other programming languages… not so much.

Asbjørn has worked for various companies, including one touching on the infrastructure of webdomains and one touching on phone networks. He has made most of his way as a freelance consultant, and is pretty magical at making sure that things run smoothly. He also builds code that helps people get out and moving. His code is delicious. So is his beard.

Asbjørn says he works at night and sleeps at day, but we have yet to confirm either ever occurring.