Who we are

deranged is a team of enthusiastic, quick-working developers. We have experts at every level of full-stack web application development, and experience from a broad swath of industries and companies.

Our current offices are in the Nordvest area, in the shared office space STUDIET Glasvej 3.

Our mailing address is:
Att. Niels Roesen Abildgaard
Markskellet 8 st th
2720 Vanløse

You can get in touch with us via email on get@deranged.dk.

On this page, you can see the competent people on our team. You can also look at our developer profiles in more depth in our team CV.

Niels Roesen Abildgaard

Software developer. MSc Software Development.

Niels loves integrating with companies, figuring out their business goals, and helping achieve them with rapidly delivered software.

Niels has worked as a software architect and full-stack web developer in a variety of companies, and has experience with many modern technologies for building highly scalable applications for the web.

In his free time, Niels is an engaged scout, spending most of his time as a group leader in 1. Søborg Gruppe.
Previously at Planday, CubeIO, Newsquid.
Has worked in telecom, pharma.

Asbjørn Dyhrberg Thegler

Software developer. MSc Computer Science.

Asbjørn is a privacy-minded and ethical software developer with an eye for the bigger picture. He cares strongly about the ethics of customer data handling and has a high sense of duty.

Asbjørn is an experienced software infrastructure designer and maintainer, and takes a holistic approach to designing applications that run and scale well, including DevOps and continuous deployment practices.

Previously at CubeIO, DK-Hostmaster.
Has worked in banking, telecom, pharma.

Niels Ørbæk Christensen

Software developer. BSc Humanities and Technology.

Niels is a software developer who cares about solving real problems in a way that is suitable and adds value for people. He is used to working in a crossdiciplinary manner and communicating about complex technical solutions to people without technical background.

Niels likes being productive and developing usable software fast, using modern high-level frameworks and tools,as well as employing his theoretical and academic background to solve lower level technical tasks when needed.

In his spare time Niels goes bouldering and spends a lot of time in Nørrebro Klatreklub.
Previously at TwentyThree.

Helena Bach

Software developer. BSc Computer Science.

Helena cares strongly about building software with an impact. She has a passion for the mathematical underpinnings of software development, but cares strongly about applying that passion practically.

Helena has significant experience in corporate solutions from working at Netcompany. She is quick to learn new tools and approaches and finding and reproducing patterns in existing systems, and has significant experience in maintaining existing code bases, finding the best way of delivering new features and maintaining code quality given the circumstances she finds herself in.

In her free time, Helena helps plan the Nakke festival.
Previously at Netcompany.

Philip Dein

Software developer.

Philip loves delivering working software to customers that solves real problems. The work of finding creative solutions to problems faced by customers is what drives his work. It’s not worth it, to build things that nobody will use.

In his day-to-day work Philip emphasized the need for communication and knowledge sharing in the development team, ensuring that nobody becomes a bottleneck in the team.

In his free time, Philip is a scout leader in 1. Glostrup Gruppe.
Previously at Daman Digital.

Liv Hartoft Borre

Software developer.

Liv finds great purpose and passion in developing solutions that are valuable to others, from helping people do things they weren’t capable of before, to simply eliminating grunt work.

She enjoys software development as a creative, problem-solving craft that she’s continuously perfecting, and she focuses on writing efficient and maintainable code and designing usable and extendable solutions.

Haunted by perfectionistic tendencies, she puts great care into details and code quality while keeping focus on the creation and delivery of value.

Want to join the team?

We are not currently actively hiring, but if you are interested in what it's like working with us, and would like to learn more, you are always welcome to contact us on get@deranged.dk.