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We hit the ground running on your software project. Our expert software development and operations team will help you to make the best decisions about software in your company. With flexiblity and engagement, we are your dev team.

Dev + ops

Our team consists of experts in every area needed to build and run software in your organization. Our expertises cover application design, infrastructure and cloud, user requirements elicitation, databases, and user experience design.

We bring all of these expertises with us, when we work with you. By employing the principles of DevOps, each of our developers is empowered to build, deploy and maintain software for you, meaning that we deliver quickly and with great stability.

Technical counselling

We have put together a team with a lot of experience from a broad set of software businesses. We help you avoid common problems related to running a development department and building software.

We always start with your concrete business situation. We help you take the best steps forwards, whether that is to extend existing software, or to build something new.

Our counselling covers all technical decisions, including infrastructure, work processes, security, future-proofing applications, and how to increase and ensure stability of both software and process.

Plug and play

When we say that we hit the ground running, we mean it: we are a team that has established a strong culture of working well together, and we bring that with us, when you hire us. Our employees are trained in getting started in new environments, infrastructures and programming languages quickly, which means we work efficiently in pretty much any environment.

When you work with us we will help and advise you in breaking desired business impacts into concrete technical steps that can be taken. Then our team makes sure you get the needed technical implementation as quickly as possible.

It has been a pleasure working with a proactive contractor such as deranged. With their technical capacity, they enable the necessary overview and execute quickly.

Morten Schnack, CTO, The HabLab

On a mission?

Put your business plan into action

If you have your business plan for your tech company ready, we can help you figure out how to make the right technical choices, and help you start your software development department the right way.

We work well within a budget, and provide the same value cheaper than any other option.

Get started right

Automate away the tiresome tasks

Business is going well, but as your company has grown, more and more time is spent on drudge work. We can help you identify and automate boring work, freeing up more time for your employees to focus on what is important.

We help ensure a constructive process for and buy-in from all stakeholders.

Start automating

Got a problem?

Make your existing platform awesome!

If you already have a tech product we can help you maintain it, expand it with new features, and prepare it for growth. We ensure that maintenance is efficient and stays within your budget.

We can guide you through technical tradeoffs, and help you find new ways to increase cash flow for your product.

Get awesome

A path towards a system that doesn't restrict you

If the software you're currently using is starting to seem more restricting than enabling, we can help you plan a constructive way forward. We will help you get back in control of the technological heart of your business, and give you the freedom to adapt to changing business practices.

Find freedom

deranged took responsibility and worked to leave a self-sustaining organization for after they left. They helped set direction for the project, and worked well in a complicated multi-stakeholder context, executing in a way that satisfied all stakeholders.

Rolf Bjerre, Social Entrepreneur

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Meet the team

Our team consists of enthusiastic, flexible and engaged people with a varied set of backgrounds.

When hiring, we look for people who care about making a difference in their day-to-day life, and as a customer you're sure to experience this, too.

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About the company

We work very deliberately to be flexible and efficient, a company full of people who make a positive difference in whichever setting they are placed.

Finding incredible people means thinking hard about the kind of work environment we create. We are always reevaluating, and figuring out how to create an efficient, inclusive and open space to work in, and we bring that spirit with us wherever we work.

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We generally work with being paid on an hourly basis. We are conscious of your budget when planning our work, and communicate with you to ensure there are no surprises.

We are experts in working in the most efficient way possible, playing to each others' strengths, making sure you get the most value delivered for your money.

Get in touch and we will first arrange a meeting to talk about your concrete business situation. We will suggest a small project for you to get familiar with how we work, and if the fit is right initiate a longer, sustainable relationship, where we help you improve your business's software.


The contact form runs on our tiny open-source contact-form-api, which is highly configurable, and is easy to use for your business, too.

It runs as a separate service, and comes packaged with a Dockerfile, so it takes minutes to launch it on your own infrastructure.