Privacy policy

We care strongly about privacy. Our privacy policy for our own website is therefore simple: we store no identifiable information about visitors.

In order to measure how many visitors our website has, we use a small analytics tool called Fathom. Unlike most analytics tools in use, it stores no identifiable information, does not track you across sites, and sends no data to third parties.

Fathom is built to be GDPR-compliant, and it stores no user-identifiable information in the cookie. The Fathom-cookie stores information about your visit, allowing us to analyze how our website is being used, but (unlike other analytics engines) no unique ID or information from other sites, meaning that the only information we gather is related to our website.

We use an additional cookie to store cookie consent, but only ever store anything on your device after you press "Accept" on the cookie notice.

We host our own version of Fathom, which means analytics data never leaves our own infrastructure. This means that you as a user don't have to worry about third parties building profiles based on your internet usage patterns.

If you wish to rescind your accept of our cookie policy, you can click here. You have currently not accepted our cookie policy.