Get started right

Put your business plan into action

If you have a business plan for a tech product that will be sold to other customers, as a package, license or software-as-a-serivce, we can be the team that ensures you get started right.

We are experienced in helping small startups with technical direction and implementation. We ensure that your platform can grow and scale with your business.

You can hire us in several ways, as your entire development team, or to integrate with an existing team or employees. We ensure a good and productive process, with an emphasis on delivering value to your end customers as quickly as possible. Our development always starts with and is aligned with your business goals.

We make it easy to get out of working with us if you are not satisfied. Just say so, and we will stop working. We are paid by the hour, and don't use restricting contracts. We know that there is uncertainty tied to small startups, and do everything we can to help you make it.

If it seems like we might be a good fit for your needs, get in touch. We will set up a trial period of a month, after which you can evaluate the work we have done and get out with no strings attached, if you are not satisfied—and the work we have already done will belong to you.

Get in touch

(Reach us via email at

Not what you are looking for?

If you are building a project that is not going to be customer-facing, you could look at what we offer companies that are ready to start optimizing their internal work processes.

Alternatively, if you already have a product and need help moving it forward, we can help you make it awesome.

We are a full-service dev team

We have experience in a broad set of technologies, programming langauges and frameworks. We are most proficient as full-stack web developers, but have experts in infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc.), application design (including microservice architectures), and UX.

We train all employees to be quick at getting up to speed in new environments and code bases. We can probably help with your problem, no matter the tech stack—but you can always contact us to make sure.

We can be your CTO

Making the right technical decisions early in a company's life determines how well it can grow with demand. It is also often the difference between making it or not: establishing cash flow and showing value early are paramount.

We have experience from a lot of different startups, and with starting several projects and making them sustainable.

We can take the role as CTO in your company, aligning your development team with your business goals and concrete situation. Or we can support your CTO by providing context and data for decision making.

You own the code

The products of all the work we do for you, belongs to you. We will set it up so you can easily access the work we produce, and are always ready to hand over all work in progress if you request it.

If you ever stop working with us, nothing of value will be lost, and you can get other developers to take over.

We work well within a budget

We know money is tight for early stage startups, but fortunately it doesn't have to cost a fortune to build software. By setting a monthly budget for software development work, your expenses become predictable, and a little can go a long way.

We always look at our customers' concrete situation when working with them, and understand that cash flow may vary. We make sure to stay within your budget, and are happy to help you prioritize and plan budgets and software construction, so you can deliver value to customers or proof of concepts to investors.

We start with your concrete situation

We believe that communication—open, honest and human—is the best way to reach understanding. We will always start our software development from your concrete situation, listening to your business concerns and plans for the future.

This is also why we don't do requirements specifications or big handovers—they always end up making context invisible. Business is changeable, and requirements change. We keep track with your current situation, so we can always give you the best technical advice.

Concretely, we do this by regularly meeting with you, and talking about your situation, focusign on whatever pressing concerns may arise through conversation.

We will get you set up for your future journey

We love helping businesses succeed, and feeling like we have a tangible impact. A great way to help a business succeed is to make it sustainable.

If you choose to work with us, we will help you hire your own inhouse development team, once you are ready. We will help train them, ensure a good, constructive process for software development, and even offer to regularly mentor and guide employees if you are interested.

In short, we don't just make it easy to get rid of us, when you are ready for the next step—we'll help you do it.

Get a quote

We generally work with being paid on an hourly basis. We are conscious of your budget when planning our work, and communicate with you to ensure there are no surprises.

We are experts in working in the most efficient way possible, playing to each others' strengths, making sure you get the most value delivered for your money.

Get in touch and we will first arrange a meeting to talk about your concrete business situation. We will suggest a small project for you to get familiar with how we work, and if the fit is right initiate a longer, sustainable relationship, where we help you improve your business's software.


The contact form runs on our tiny open-source contact-form-api, which is highly configurable, and is easy to use for your business, too.

It runs as a separate service, and comes packaged with a Dockerfile, so it takes minutes to launch it on your own infrastructure.