how we think

Our core values and goals are ones of:

And we believe that these are necessary in creating a pleasant, sustainable, and good working place and in creating great software products.

One of the most common problems in workplaces today, especially when it comes to IT, is that the people who are supposed to be working together do not understand what the others are doing or the reasoning behind their actions. And they feel that it is okay or even a good thing not to understand what their coworkers are doing. We believe this is the result of a poisonous culture in our organizations and in society in general where we compartmentalize ourselves instead of trying to understand each other.

This might sound like grand thoughts for a small software company, but wait — it gets even grander:

We firmly believe that in order to create a truly diverse and including working environment and society, we need to work on dismantling unjust, harmful and often supressive cultures and prejudices that exist all around us, whether they be sexist, racist, homophobic or any other kind of exclusionary discrimination.

We often have an idea of these things issues diminishing over time. We tell ourselves that we are heading in the right direction, and in many cases we are, slowly. But for example the gender gap in IT is growing, and the societal culture around software developers and computer science as being a "male field", which is creating this gap, sinks its roots deeper and deeper for each day.

These problems do not only exist in working environments related to software developments, and cannot be solved just by creating better working environments. But it is necessary to include these considerations into every part of our lives, and work is quite a big part for many of us.

In this company our aim is to create great software and put together well-working development departments, but our way of doing this grows from a larger and greater idea of how to better society as a whole. And we believe that the best and most sound development departments are made by integrating developers into the organization as a whole.