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A path towards a system that doesn't restrict you

If you have a midsize business (50-250 employees) with an existing internal custom software system, but the system is hard to change, and sometimes seems more restrictive than enabling, we can help you with a constructive path onwards.

Even if business is going well, a software system that is hard to change can be detrimental to your company's survival in the long term. As your business domain changes, your internal procedures (and therefore also your software system) needs to be able to respond, in order to keep your customers satisfied. A common sign of a restrictive system is that the system dictates how work is done in the company, rather than the other way around. Your employees are experts, and the system should support them.

It can be hard to figure out how to move away from an existing system, especially if it seems that your entire business is tied up in the system. Fortunately, the move away can be done inexpensively and in small steps, never rendering your company without a working system. We can help you work out a plan.

It is often expensive to build software on contract. This is largely due to the way requirements specifications are used, and how they limit rapid delivery of improvements, as well as feedback from the actual experts of the domain, your employees. (We have written a short document in Danish on common pitfalls when moving away from existing systems, that you may find interesting.)

When you work with us, we do away with requirements specifications, because they are inefficient means to communicating actual business needs. Instead, we work with your management to figure out business goals, and with your employees to figure out concrete work practices and existing impediments to their work. With this knowledge in mind, we identify the biggest impact problem that we can solve the quickest, and start working towards a solution.

We will help you build a good software culture, so you don't end up with a restrictive system again. With our approach, you spend a little money over more time, rather than large amounts of money every five to ten years. This ensures that you can respond to changes in your business domain, and that your employees are more likely to accept the new software that is delivered.

If you need it, we can even help you set up your own development department to continue our approach, once we have started it.

If it seems like we might be a good fit for your needs, get in touch. We will set up a trial period of a month, after which you can evaluate the work we have done and get out with no strings attached, if you are not satisfied—and the work we have already done will belong to you.

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Not what you are looking for?

If you don't have any custom software in your company yet, we can help you get started.

Alternatively, if you have a system, but it is used by external customers (as opposed to your own employees), we can help you make it awesome.

You own the code

The products of all the work we do for you, belongs to you. We will set it up so you can easily access the work we produce, and are always ready to hand over all work in progress if you request it.

If you ever stop working with us, nothing of value will be lost, and you can get other developers to take over.

We start with your concrete situation

We specialize in looking at your business needs, and helping you identify the fastest path towards solving your problems. We help incorporate both short and long term goals in the planning of software development, and always look at where software can have the biggest impact per expense.

Concretely, we regularly meet with both your management and employees to ensure that we are building the right thing. We can take changes to your business domain into account as they happen.

We regularly and rapidly deliver useful software that solves real problems, so your business starts getting more efficient shortly after we start working with you.

We can help with tech strategy

Your company is probably used to making decisions about company tools and which off-the-shelf products are used by your company. Building custom software is a different kind of beast—but don't worry, we can help with strategies and technical decisions related to this part of your company's technology.

We will assist your existing CTO and work with them to make a strategy for custom software development that aligns with your business goals, and extends further than just the initial software we're building for you.

We are a full-service dev team

We have experience in a broad set of technologies, programming langauges and frameworks. We are most proficient as full-stack web developers, but have experts in infrastructure (Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, etc.), application design (including microservice architectures), and UX.

We train all employees to be quick at getting up to speed in new environments and code bases. We can probably help with your problem, no matter the tech stack—but you can always contact us to make sure.

We will get you set up for your future journey

We love helping businesses succeed, and feeling like we have a tangible impact. A great way to help a business succeed is to make it sustainable.

If you choose to work with us, we will help you hire your own inhouse development team, once you are ready. We will help train them, ensure a good, constructive process for software development, and even offer to regularly mentor and guide employees if you are interested.

In short, we don't just make it easy to get rid of us, when you are ready for the next step—we'll help you do it.

Get a quote

We generally work with being paid on an hourly basis. We are conscious of your budget when planning our work, and communicate with you to ensure there are no surprises.

We are experts in working in the most efficient way possible, playing to each others' strengths, making sure you get the most value delivered for your money.

Get in touch and we will first arrange a meeting to talk about your concrete business situation. We will suggest a small project for you to get familiar with how we work, and if the fit is right initiate a longer, sustainable relationship, where we help you improve your business's software.


The contact form runs on our tiny open-source contact-form-api, which is highly configurable, and is easy to use for your business, too.

It runs as a separate service, and comes packaged with a Dockerfile, so it takes minutes to launch it on your own infrastructure.